Wednesday, 15 September 2010

A Modern Day Hero

Hands up who has heard of Liberal Democrat MP Bob Russell? Apart from his Mother and his dog, that's about two people. Here he is in action on Monday 13th September, giving George Osbourne a hard time.

It almost takes me back Geoffrey Howe's attack of Margaret Thatcher, famously described as being attacked by a dead sheep.

Maybe he is the tip of a Liberal Democrat backbench iceberg, fed-up of being stitched into an straight-jacket of policies that quite frankly, before May, most would have life-long ideological issues with.

The major risk to the Coalition is probably not Ed Miliband, or the public reaction to cuts, but the fault lines within the Coalition that will rise when the Liberal Democrats are tired of polling at 13% and lose the increasing unpopular dash to AV. Once the Liberal Democrat dream of PR has been smashed by a 'No' vote, what is left for them in the Coalition? Mr Clegg, do you want electoral wipe out now, or later?

Anyway Mr Russell, on behalf of the millions of us concerned that the pain promised by the Coalition will be felt by the worst off, while GO's buddies in the City keep sipping the Champers, thank you for speaking out for us. 

Bless you, bless you, bless you....

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