Wednesday, 6 October 2010

In Praise of Iain Duncan Smith

Yesterday, at The Conservative Party Conference, Iain Duncan Smith made an impassioned speech about reforming the Benefits system in Britain.

As a left-wing working class man, my support and praise for anything Conservative is few and far between. However, in the case of IDS, I am prepared to make an exception.

After a disastrous time a Conservative Party Leader, he retired to the backbenches and formed The Centre for Social Justice. This organisation has worked for years to look at the root causes of poverty, and news ways of tackling it.

No-one can doubt that the Tax and Benefit systems work against each other to lock people in poverty. Escaping the trap has been impossible for too many people for too long.

As the recently announced Child Benefit Cut for earners over £44,000 shows, much of the Coalition's policies are being created on the hoof, often badly. The reforms planned for years by Iain, however, are clearly the best thought out and most supported policies across Parliament of all of the Coalitions ideas.

So credit where credit is due, Iain. Thank you for the tireless work you have committed to the most poor people in the country. 

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